That’s me and my best friend, business partner, mentor and wife. Been married for 20 plus years, have 3 kids, Tanner, Kinsee and Cooper and a little Yorkie, that my wife bought behind my back, Abby, whom I am not real fond of.

We are semi-retired and eager to travel Asia and try to give back with what we have. We love to spend time with our kids (well most of the time) discuss our dreams and eat a ton of good Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai food and wanting to try more! We live in Las Vegas and Salt Lake City part-time and hopefully spending more time in China very soon.

We own Tankinz Noodle Company, a small business in Salt Lake City, that makes the best fortune cookies on the planet year round, http://www.tankinz.com and http://www.fortunecookieplanet.com, and fresh pasta during the summer. We also dabble a bit in real estate managing close to 8 residential and commercial properties ourselves.

Why semi-retired?  While we are both healthy we decided to try out hand at retirement and going to stay that way until we decide were crazy and too young!