The Plan

I am 6’4, just a wee bit under 300 lbs and traveling for me is hard. I mean the 1 hour flights from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas I am fine with, but a 15 hour flight halfway across the world is a nightmare. Planes weren’t meant for guys like me. I am not quite needing the seat belt extension, but getting there. Luckily for me my wife is less than half my size so I love to travel with her, I get a seat and a half.

About 8 months ago my wife and I visited her hometown in China. A small village in the Fujian province called “Yensi”. After 20 years of marriage and owning a small business time is tight, but we made time, and visited for about 3 weeks. I fell in love with the place. Shortly after returning I told my wife that I wanted to go back and soon. We have 3 kids, Tanner, 18, Kinsee 16, and Cooper, 9. Tanner and Kinsee can take care of themselves but Cooper still needs his mommy and daddy. We also have a small business, making fortune cookies, and a few homes between Salt Lake City and Las Vegas that we either rent out or live in. Shortly after returning from our trip I asked my wife where we needed to be financially to move to China for say, 4 or 5 months. She gave me the $ amount and I went to work. Convinced our worker at our fortune cookie factory to stay with us for another 6 months, rented out rooms in our Salt Lake City house, (rented two of the rooms to family friends to keep an eye on the other 4 rooms for us), rented out the rooms in our Las Vegas home (4 rooms total, we keep the master bedroom for friends and family who pass through) Found a renter to take our vacant building in Las Vegas that he can use as storage (he is late again for rent, so don’t know how long it will last), rented out 2 rooms in a fix it upper house we have in Vegas (one of the rooms is for Rick, a handyman who is a great guy, found a 1 year renter for our condo in Vegas (a young couple who is rough around the edges but are currently my favorite renters and have never been late in 3 months) and finally, rented out space in our factory to some young energetic entrepreneurs who have a small ad agency (who have been great, have fixed it up and looks fantastic) So there you have it. Took the calculator and paper to my wife and said, LETS GO!

So we are off. We are stopping by Hong Kong for 1 week (Hong Kong, by the way, which is on my “shi*” list which I will explain later) and if all things work out the next 6 months in Longyuan, China

What Life In China Is Like

When I am not blogging my real job is a fortune cookie maker. We make fortune cookies, with your personalized message inside. Visit us at or!

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